ScribeFire : Firefox addon for those who love blogging

Good news for the blogger who love blogging. This is a beautiful firefox addon ScribeFire through which it's very simple to blog. Blogging becomes simple, easy and fast from ur firefox webbrowser.

Just copy any part of text with images in any webpages, open ScribeFire addon by pressing F8, paste it and publish to your blogger....

Homepage : http://www.scribefire.com/

For sample:
This is just part of previous blog on FreeDownloadManager, which I just deleted as the feature mentioned below didnot work when I tried. I just copied it from my blog and paste in ScribeFire..

2) Download Flash Video from video sites like youtube, googlevideo, dailymotion, Livedigital etc.

a In the YouTube site, right-click on the thumbnail of a video you would like to download.
b In the context menu, select a downloading option that suits your needs best.


Isn't it simple to blog?...............Enjoy

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