Rip DVD-Video to 1 or 2 CD Sized Avi by AutoGk and Xvid

Xvid is MPEG-4 open codec which can codes video in avi format with large reduction in size providing best picture quality.

Warning : The illegal copy and ripping of copy protected material is prohibited/against the law.

Required Softwares: (Open/Free softwares)

DVD Decrypter

A little Info about the Softwares listed above:

AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) is powerful and very easy to use tool for making DVD rips. It was designed for people who know very little about video conversion. AutoGK is able to calculate the maxium bitrate that can be used for video to still fit in on the selected CD/DVD size.

Contains following codecs and tools:
VirtualDubMod  Main video (Avi) editing program
BeSweet  Audio conversion
XviD - MPEG4 codec
VobSub  Ripping and displaying subtitle

DVD Decrypter:
DVD Decrypter to rip DVD-Video content to hard disk with removal of Macrovision Lock key, Region lock and decrypting the DVD. I have Samsung dvd writer and it generally takes about 5 to 6 mins to rip entire DVD-Video by this small and beautiful application.

AutoGK Guide

Step 1: Configuring Xvid Codec

For details about configuring Xvid codec, follow the link http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/xvid.htm

Step 2: Ripping the DVD

Enter the DVD you want to back up, then start DVD Decrypter select movie files select destination --- click on DVD to Harddisk button.

Step 3: AutoGK

AutoGK - DVD to AVI using Xvid

Open AutoGk.
1. Choose input file (For DVD video chose the desired IFO file where the mainmovie lies. Choose name for output file.

2. Select audio tracks and subtitle.

3. Selected your desired size for final avi movie. Specify size means encoding takes place in two-pass step.

Click on Advanced Settings.

Select desired output resolution settings (Auto width recommended)
Select Xvid as Codec. I prefer as Xvid is far better than DivX. And also Xvid is free/open source codec.
Choose desired Output audio type.

In the subtitle options: Display only forced subtitles means different-language dialogue is encoded on video. Use external subtitles
will create separate subtitle file. (Not selecting this option means subtitle will be encode with video.)

Press OK to get back to the main AutoGK screen and press Add Job to enlist the job in queue.

Now the Start button has become active and you can start the process pressing Start.
Press Start and AutoGK will start encoding.
For advanced setup, press Control + F9 to launch AutoGK assistant and configure the current job.
Details about advanced AutoGK options are mentioned in page http://www.autogk.me.uk/modules.php?name=TutorialEN

Check Shutdown when done to shutdown computer when encoding is done.

Enjoy small sized but nearly the same quality xvid movies as the original DVD video.

Warning : The illegal copy and ripping of copy protected material is prohibited/against the law.

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