LatexEditor and Miktex 2.x : An Open Package for Scientific Writing

During my M.Sc. thesis, I'd to write the thesis in tex file - an open format particularly used for scientific writing.

For tex distribution, I perferred Miktex
Homepage : http://miktex.org/

For latex editors, there are many editors in the market. After testing various editors, my fav. one is Led - LaTexEditor a free soft. Homepage : http://www.latexeditor.org/

To configure Led according to your tex distribution --http://www.latexeditor.org/how_to_start.html - a great open software for tex editing.

Once configured, it's easy to write in Led. You don't have be perfect in LaTex commands, when you type in Led, it will automatically popout the syntax for the Latex command with options and examples. That's one feature I like about it .

Screenshots : http://www.latexeditor.org/screenshots.html

Another feature is that it has inbuilt DVI-Viewer. To enable the build-in DVI viewer when working with MiKTeX 2.x please follow these steps:

1. Download the dvi_miktex2x.dll file from www.latexeditor.org site
2. Copy this file to the MiKTeX 2.x executables directory (e.g., c:\miktex2x\miktex\bin).
3. Run LEd (if not working) and:
a. open Configuration/Options dialog,
b. open Application/DVI viewer section,
c. set TeX distribution to based on MiKTeX,
d. set font searching library to dvi_miktex2x.dll,
e. set font making script to makepk.exe,
f. set TeX executables to the directory containing MiKTeX 2.x executables (e.g., c:\miktex2x\miktex\bin).
4. Restart LEd.

I'd the following tricks in Led while preparing my Thesis.

Hint : For each images on the tex file, have two files with same filename but extension .jpg and .eps. For quick editing, you will need eps file and for pdf publishing, you will need jpg files.
For editing purpose, if you have .jpg files just rename to .eps and then use the inbuilt DVI viewer by pressing F9. The preview will be shown on DVI Viewer. On clickiing any part on the DVI viewer, the curser will go to that part on editor. Just edit there.

After finished editing and if you want your final output in pdf , then again rename .eps to .jpg and press F7 to get PDF file.

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