EqualX : Gui Tool for LaTeX Equations

It's been long time since I posted on my blog last time. I have found EqualX as awesome open source LaTeX equation editor which is rich in features than "LaTeX Equation Edit EE", I previously mentioned on this blog.



  • Large number of symbols and math expressions under symbol and math toolbar. Just click on the symbol buttons and EqualX automatically inserts the code. All you have to do is just fill inside {}.

  • Type TeX or LaTeX Type your equation in the best typesetting language for equations, TeX. You can paste in your existing equations and mix TeX code with click-and-click.
  • Syntax Highlighting - Type Easier The equation editor helps you type equations easier with syntax highlighting.

  • Code Completion - Type Faster Code completion helps you type faster with suitable hints.

  • Save the equations to graphic png extension so that it can be used in documentations.

Homepage :

I used MikTeX distribution of LaTeX. EqualX requires MikTeX 2.8 or higher versions.

You can obtain MikTeX distribution from the site: http://miktex.org/

I suggest to install full version of MikTeX.

If you have installed the basic version of MikTeX, EqualX needs esint package. This package can be downloaded either by internet connection (which in my case, does not work!) via missing package dialog box or manually by searching on the link http://ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages.

To install the package, MikTeX needs local repository directory. Just download miktex-zzdb1-2.8.tar.lzma and miktex-zzdb2-2.8.tar.lzm where 2.8 is the version name at http://ctan.binkerton.com/ctan.php?filename=systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages/miktex-zzdb1-2.8.tar.lzma and http://ctan.binkerton.com/ctan.php?filename=systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages/miktex-zzdb2-2.8.tar.lzma respectively ( you can change 2.8 according to your MikTeX vesions) and put them in the folder you have downloaded the esint package.

EqualX is still in development. I hope that future release of this wonderful software will contain many useful features and improvements.


LaTable : An easy way to write tables in LaTeX

By enormous search on the Net, I've found this wonderful tool to create Tables in LaTeX in a very easy way. LaTable  is free tool for creating LaTeX tables in What You See Is What You Get fashion. I've found it after I finished my work in LaTeX!!! Now I wish that I came to know this software a bit earlier.

LaTable is a Win32 application having following features  :
  • Near-WYSIWYG editing style;
  • Real-time LATEX code preview;
  • Simple navigation through the table;
  • Limited clipboard support for import/export into other spreadsheet and text editors;
  • CSV file format support;
  • Generates 'tabular', 'array' and custom environments;
  • Support for custom column formats.
Homepage: http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/latable.html

Copy portion of table prepared in Excel or any spreadsheet program like OpenOffice, gnumeric.
Creating LaTeX tables in easy way

Go to LaTable Window ---  press {c} * view code button to see the LaTeX code preview
LaTable : For LaTeX Tables in WYSIWYG  fashion
Select 1st cell -- and go to edit menu -- paste the contents of table. Do not use Ctrl+V key to paste.

LaTable puts automatically the copied data into a table and you can see the LaTeX code in code window.
Tables in LaTable

Make necessary table formatting from the table toolbar like - bordering cell/table, text arrangement, merging horizontal cells etc.
Customizing LaTeX Tables

To import the code, select the codes in Code window and copy it by pressing Ctrl+C keys.
Go to edit menu - select copy as LaTeX code.
Copy LaTeX code for Tables from LaTable

Open your tex document in your LaTeX editor program and paste (Ctrl+V) the code at your desired position.

Writing a table in LaTeX is hard job and time consuming. So by using LaTable tool, you can easily make tables and customize them without being pro to the LaTeX  syntax.....

Enjoy it and if you find this article helpful, please comment here.


CamStudio : Make your own video tutorial

If you are good at some software and want to share your knowledge about the software by making a video tutorial and upload it into video sites like youtube, then CamStudio is great free/open source software to capture screen into a video and convert it into flv file.

Free Streaming Video Software

CamStudio is a free video screen capture (screencast) program having simple-to-use interface. The user can select a specific area of the screen or the whole screen. They can choose to record audio from the computer’s speakers or from a microphone, making this a great program for tutorial makers.

CamStudio Features:
    * Record screen activity and sound into standard AVI video files.
    * Convert AVI files into SWF files.
    * Annotate screen movies with text captions and callouts.
    * Allow to control compression, quality, time lapse, and frame rates.
    * Autopan allows fixed region to follow the mouse.


: http://www.camstudio.org/