Must have Addons for common Firefox Users

AdBlock Plus 2 :
AdBlock Plus extension enables you to block adverts, banners, frames that you don't want to see surfing net according to subscription filter. You can also specify your own filter to block any web elements like pictures, frames, videos etc. The addon will make your surfing experience a clean and speedy one.
Homepage : http://www.adblockplus.org/
Block script : NoscriptNoScript addon prevents sites execute code without your explicit permission. It blocks blocks all third-party scripts including JavaScript, Java and Flash
objects until you give your permission for them to run. You can temporarily allow a site to run scripts or make it untrusted/trusted.
The combination of NoScript with AdBlockPlus works really fine for me for clean surf with better speed.

Homepage : http://www.noscript.net
BatchDownload :
BatchDownload is the best addon for batch downloading images from website with a single click. See my previous blog on BatchDownload.
DownThemAll :
DownThemAll is download manager addon with resuming support. I find it more useful in downloading the extension of Firefox ( I prefer to download the addons than to install them in Firefox so that on installing OS, I can install all my favourite addons to Firefox.
Homepage : www.downthemall.net
Unplug Video Downloader :
UnPlug is awesome Firefox addon enabling you do download any embedded video content from most of video websites like youtube. It downloads audio and video from video sharing websites using this Firefox 3 plugin.

Homepage : http://unplug.dbatley.com/
Quick Translator :Quick translate the entire webpage or selected test in web by using services like Yahoo and Google after detecting the language and the translation will be displayed as a small tooltip or in a separated panel below the document. It has more feature than other translator addons.
Homepage : http://igorgladkov.com/extensions/translator.html

All in One Sidebar :

All in Once Sidebar addon puts bookmarks, history, downloads, extensions/themes, source code/brower information, webpage informations and lots of other dialog windows in a customizable side bar, which can be collapsed and expanded.
Homepage : http://firefox.exxile.net/aios/index.php
LightShot :LightShot addon can capture even selected part browser and even edit the selection area and save it as picture file or upload quickly with several shortcuts.
Homepage : http://lightshot.skillbrains.com/

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